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The First Proactive Fire Safety Product for Spaces Where Fire is Part of Living

While Eye Detekt is designed for spaces where flame should never be, Eye Detekt PRO adds an additional layer of protection and sophistication by not only looking for the presence of flame but also for the presence of people.

Just like Eye Detekt, Eye Detekt PRO constantly monitors for flame, but also uses occupancy detection to establish whether flame is born “friendly” (human produced) or “hostile” (started on its own).

Eye Detekt PRO will also notify you if “friendly fire” is left unattended for too long.

Have you ever turned on the stove to cook dinner to realize later you left a burner on? Or maybe you lit a candle and woke the next morning to find it still burning? Those are close calls! With Eye Detekt PRO that will never happen again.  Let’s face it, fire in the home is part of our daily lives. However, when we leave fire unattended, bad things can happen. More than half of all residential fires start because of UNATTENDED flames (candles and cooking are the biggest offenders). With Eye Detekt PRO you can still use candles and cook, but if you leave that flame unattended for too long Eye Detekt PRO will send a push notification directly to your smart device. If that notification is ignored, Eye Detekt PRO will alert you with an audible notification that you have unattended flame until you return to the space.

With Eye Detekt PRO you never have to worry about leaving a candle burning or a burner on and will still benefit from immediate detection of hostile flames!

There’s even more. Eye Detetk PRO measures flame size too. Let’s say you’re simmering a pot of soup on the stove and step way to answer the door. While you are gone, your son tosses a dishtowel, and it lands next to the stove and ignites. Now the “friendly fire” has turned hostile. Eye Detekt PRO recognizes the growth in flame size and immediately alarms while sending push notifications to your smart devices.