A Game Changer in Fire Detection

Burlington, NC and Las Vegas, NV – January 3, 2022 – Forge Technologies announced today the launch of Eye Detekt at CES 2023, the only product on the market designed to immediately detect a small flame in the home.

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), 96% of American homes have smoke alarms, but thousands of people are still injured or killed in home fires every year.

“Understanding exactly why this continues to happen tells us a lot about how to prevent this problem,” says John Andres, Inventor of Eye Detekt.

Working smoke alarms are essential to home fire detection but are commonly neglected or placed too close to kitchens and bathrooms resulting in frequent false alarms.

“Smoke alarms are out of sight, out of mind,” says Andres. “We typically only interact with them when the battery needs replacing and far too often the batteries are removed altogether during a false alarm, leaving families completely unprotected. We wanted to design a product that not only responds to fire much faster than any product on the market today, but one that we interact with regularly, all while eliminating false alarms.”

“We look at the home as having two distinct spaces, added Andres. “Those where flame should never be, like bedrooms and laundry rooms, and those where flame is part of the living experience like kitchens and living rooms.”

With over 100 years of combined experience designing fire detection products, the engineers at Forge Technologies developed two unique products with these spaces in mind, Eye Detekt and Eye Detekt PRO.

Eye Detekt constantly monitors for fire and immediately alarms and notifies you once a flame is detected. Eye Detekt is perfect for children’s bedrooms and any space where you never want a flame.

Eye Detekt Pro adds an additional layer of protection and sophistication by not only looking for the presence of flame but also for the presence of people. Just like Eye Detekt, Eye Detekt PRO constantly monitors for flame, but also uses occupancy detection to establish whether flame is born “friendly” (human produced) or “hostile” (started on its own). Eye Detekt PRO will also notify you if “friendly fire” is left unattended for too long.

Unattended cooking is the leading cause of home fires and fire death. Imagine forgetting something on the stove or leaving a candle burning. Eye Detekt PRO will gently remind you if the space is unoccupied for too long and will emergency alarm if the fire grows while unattended. For any fire that suddenly appears without you in the space, Eye Detekt PRO alarms immediately buying you precious time to react. With Eye Detekt, you’ll know.

“At Forge, we want to disrupt the fire detection industry. We know that real change doesn’t come from making minor improvements to a dated technology, but from pursing radical improvements that not only change the way we think about fire safety in the home but that can make a serious impact in saving property and more importantly lives.” John Andres, Inventor, Eye Detekt.

When dealing with fire, seconds truly count. In fact, today’s homes are so full of combustible materials that the average time to escape a home fire is less than three minutes. With Eye Detekt you are made aware of flame instantaneously providing much faster reaction times than any product on the market today. While Eye Detekt PRO tackles the most serious causes of residential fire deaths like unattended cooking, all with a beautifully designed product that runs on common batteries for over a year.

Visit the Eye Detekt Booth: Stop by booth #50259 at the Venetian Expo (Halls A-C) to learn more about Eye Detekt, see live demonstrations of the product and get a firsthand look at how this product and Eye Detekt PRO are revolutionizing fire detection as we know it.

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Forge Technologies is dedicated to revolutionizing the home safety industry. With a leading-edge team of scientists and fire detection engineers and more than 100 years of combined experience developing hazard detection products, Forge is dedicated to developing innovative products that harness science, technology, and the convenience of smart home.

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