Eye Detekt is beautifully designed to monitor spaces where a flame should never exist, like bedrooms, playrooms and laundry rooms.


Thousands of home fires are started by children every year, and more than half of those fires originate in the bedroom. With Eye Detekt, the moment a child lights a match, a loud alarm is produced, and a push notification is sent to your smart device telling you exactly where the fire started. When dealing with fire, seconds truly count! With Eye Detekt you can be made aware of flame instantaneously, preventing dangerous home fires from ever occurring.

Smoke alarms work by detecting small particles of combustion (smoke) that must travel into the smoke alarm’s sensing chamber before alarming. If those particles cannot or do not find their way into the sensing chamber, it will not alarm.

Eye Detekt, on the other hand, constantly monitors for the presence of flame in your home and works by detecting a narrow band of ultraviolet light produced by the flame. The moment the flame is seen, you’re notified. It’s that simple!




1.6″ x 7″ x 1.6″




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